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The owner and founder of Above & Beyond Therapy and our principle Director is Emma Stalker.


Emma began her beauty training over 18 years ago with an interest in nails and beauty treatments. Over the years her enthusiasm grew and what started out as a sort of hobby became a successful and thriving business. There are very few beauty and aesthetic treatments Emma hasn't learned, experienced herself, and become expert at.

Emma has built up her reputation and a large following of clients by providing the more bespoke treatments which are less widely available therefore, more sought after.

As an Aesthetic Therapist Emma's personality and passion for helping her clients achieve the best of themselves, and her experience in knowing which treatment will obtain the best results, makes Above & Beyond Therapy different from many similar clinics who promote products and services which benefit the clinic more than the client.       

Emma will always continue with updating her own training to make sure her clients and students have access to the newest, advanced and most cutting-edge non-surgical treatments available.

Emma gained her qualifications as an assessor and tutor and begain training students a few years ago and regularly trains courses in other salons and clinics to people who may be looking for high quality training to begin a new career or progress in their chosen field.

Emma is a very hardworking, enthusiastic therapist who does actually go 'Above & Beyond' in her work with clients and students. 

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