Blemish Removal

How does the treatment work?


Above & Beyond Therapy is proud to be able to provide this treatment that can make so much difference to the clients self confidence.  Using electrolysis, over 20 different types of skin blemishes can be quickly, safely, easily and effectively treated offering an eventual blemish free smooth skin.

Emma has been trained by Sterex, the world renowned training centre for electrolysis and is a member of the British Institute  & Association of Electrolysis. Before accepting treatment from anywhere else be sure to ask for the clinics accreditation.

Surgical electrolysis is an advanced aesthetic treatment which treats, reduces and removes unwanted and unsightly vascular and fibrous blemishes from the face and body. Because it is a treatment that uses electrolysis it should not be classed as a pampering session but with the help of topical numbing creams any discomfort can be kept to a minimum. For many areas to be treated the time it takes to complete is relatively short, so any pain soon disappears. The treatment completely removes the blemish but others may appear dependent on their initial cause.

What can be treated?

Some of the conditions we can treat are as follows :

  • WARTS 

And many other blemishes that are affecting your self-confidence

How long do the effects last?

We cannot give a definitive answer on how long your treatment will take until your initial consultation where everything to do with the procedure will be discussed with you. There are certain circumstances such as Insulin dependent diabetic clients where we require you to see your GP or diabetic nurse,  and very occasionally provide a confirmatory letter that treatment can go ahead.

Many of our clients have been troubled by their blemishes for many years and have been unable to access treatment via the NHS as treatment is classed as cosmetic. 

Our clients are always happy with the treatment and results they can achieve with us.

Is there any downtime?

The procedure is quick and results can often be seen immediately. Some healing time is required whenever any procedure takes place, however, you will be given aftercare advice and a free follow-up appointment is available to ensure the skin is healing well.

There is no one reason why these blemishes occur, everyone is different and lifestyle choices are not always a factor. At Above & Beyond Therapy we can make them disappear.

Masced - Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection

The sooner skin cancer is identified and treated, the better your chance of avoiding surgery or in the case of melanoma, potential disfigurement or even death. If detected and treated early, almost all cancers, including melanoma , are cureable.

As part of your consultation, you will be advised to visit your GP if any blemishes need further investigation.

We are proud to be a clinic with Masced Accreditation, and we can provide information to help clients self monitor their skin for changes.

Blemish Removal Treatment from £125

Verruca Treatment from £25 for children and £50 for adults