Moles & Skin Safety

Mole Removal & Skin Safety

As the largest organ in the body, the skin is a constantly evolving structure doing a difficult and important job ever day of our lives. As such, it is to be expected that changes take place, and these changes can be caused by internal and external factors.

One of the most common skin issues we get asked about are moles. They come in all shapes and sizes, and most people are aware to watch out for changes to moles as skin cancer is the UK’s most common cancer (according to, the national skin cancer charity, cases are expected to reach 400,000 annually by 2025) Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer.

Here at Above & Beyond Therapy, we are passionate about looking after your skin health and as such we are happy to provide a skin checking service.

The state of NHS services and lack of availability of being able to access GP appointments mean that for some people they are not getting the early diagnosis they need. We want to change this. We want to give you the confidence to get that early diagnosis.

There are clinics that will offer consultations with Consultant Surgeons, and these have their place, but for many people the cost of these consultations and treatments can be unaffordable, running into hundreds of ££’s

At our salon we offer non-medical advice, however we are accredited by the charity to provide information and assessments. We can measure, photograph, and check your moles to give you peace of mind and, in cases where moles are identified as harmless, we can perform removal for cosmetic reasons which is not offered on the NHS.

We can provide you with information and resources to do your own self checking if you wish, or we can perform regular checks for you.

The good news is, the sooner skin cancer is identified and treated, the better your chance of avoiding surgery or in the case of melanoma, potential disfigurement or even death. If detected early, almost all skin cancers, including melanoma, are curable.