Ever wondered how you can bring your fading skin back to life with a painless and quick treatment that has no downtime? Well, here it is, Dermaplaning ! It will restore an overall smoothness to your skin eliminating any blemishes or acne scars  and get your skin back to it's natural tone.

It will also remove any of that 'peach fuzz' fine hair that is so annoying when after applying your make-up shows  up something that you could swear wasn't there before, and it doesn't encourage those hairs to grow back thicker or darker, just smooth skin. It also has the benefit of removing any fine lines or wrinkles that are on the surface. As it scrapes away the dead cells these will be disappear. It should be said that for deeper wrinkles and lines, other more excessive treatments are probably needed though. It's good but it isn't that good !

Getting rid of those dead cells that no exfoliating glove in the shower can remove, helps your skin to regenerate new cells quicker to give you that glowing look that time has cruelly taken away.

There maybe a small amount of skin sensitivity after the treatment - basically it's like shaving but gets deeper under the dead cells, and you are not the one doing it so you can lay back and relax. Applying moisturisers after the porcedure will soon return your skin to normal.

When thinking about having a facial treatment such as this it is important to know the experience of the clinician doing it - after all it is a very sharp sterile blade that is used. Emma at Above & Beyond Therapy has over 15 years experience in aesthetic treatments such as this and she will be the only clinician who does this for you - not some trainee with very little procedural time.  This treatment can be used as a prelude to other more deep cleansing facial treatments which are available at our clinic. We find that clients usually return to have this treatment done again approximately 2 months apart when the dead cells have reformed, but with good homecare exfoliation methods this can be extended up to 6 months.

Give us a call today and roll back the effects of time !