Scar reduction

Using a treatment method called MCA or Multi Tropanic Collagen Actuation using a dry needling technique alongside a digital tattoo machine gives the ability to work very precisely with scars to reduce the appearance. It works on self harm scars (even if quite deep), stretch marks, acne scars and post operative scars to loosen the tightness that can be felt after a scar has been left 'lumpy' to name but a few. I can always have a look to see if it is an area I can work on - you can send me a photo by text so I can give you a quick answer.

What happens during the consultation and procedure?

We will go through a full medical consultation sheet to check that we are safe to proceed with the treatment. Once we are both happy for the treatment to go ahead the area will be aneasthetised with a topical aneasthetic cream. Once this has been allowed to work we can start the procedure. The areas worked on can have different sensitivities so you may find certain areas a little more uncomfortable than others. Once the procedure is completed an aftercare cream is placed on the area and you are free to leave.

What will it look and feel like?

MCA is a very specific placed treatment so if you have stretch marks then I will follow each one very specifically, if its a scar then again I will match the shape of it. The area will be a bit 'grazed' looking and will heal with a wafer thin scab which you need to let drop off in its own time-NO picking!! If you're having acne scars on your face done you may wish to consider taking a few days off out of the limelight.


The treatment area needs to be looked after as we have created a controlled trauma to the specific area. You can't go to the gym, sauna, steam room and you will need to get the area stimulated with UV rays between days 4-7 so if the suns not out then a quick 3 minute burst on a sunbed will help to reactivate the melanocytes within the area. All of your aftercare will be written down for you so you can refer back to it but i'm only on the end of a phone if you need to ask a question.

Cost per Treatment?

The treatment cost is per area so the size dictates the final cost per treatment. Starting cost is £65 per area. You will be advised at the consultation of the cost per treatment. You will also be required to purchase a topical aneasthetic such as Emla cream from a pharmacy to administer to the area prior to treatment as I am now legally unable to provide it.