Surgical Electrolysis

Surgical Electrolysis (Advanced Cosmetic Procedures )

Emma has chosen to specialise in Electrolysis which can be utilised within permanent hair removal, Trans Gender hair removal and Advanced Cosmetic Procedures.Trained by Sterex, a world renowned centre that trains specialists from the UK and further afield. Emma is also trained and certified with the BIAE (British Institute & Association of Electrolysis). 
Using a fine probe (the size of a hair) we can remove skin tags, thread veins (telangiactasia), Milia, Campbell de Morgan blood spots, hairs from moles, seborrhoeic keratosis and a range of other skin blemishes. 

The procedure is quick and can be performed as a 'lunchtime' treatment if requested. You will be asked to come for an indepth consultation & dependant on the area of treatment we may be able to start treatment immediately.

Initial Consultation  No Treatment £20
Initial Consultation        Test treatment & aftercare product              £40
Treatment up to 15 mins & aftercare product £50
Treatment up to 30 mins & aftercare product £75
Treatment up to 45 mins & aftercare product £125
Treatment up to 60 mins & aftercare product £150

Treatment Courses when paid in advance:

6 sessions of 15 minutes         £275 
6 sessions of 30 minutes  £400 
6 sessions of 60 minutes £550 

An initial consultation is required for ALL treatments.

* Consultations include a complete skin assessment and medical history review.

* Treatment may or may not be carried out at the same time as the consultation depending on the nature of the procedure required. A test treatment may be required to assess your skin's suitability for treatment.

* Any necessary aftyercare products are included in the price of the consultation/cost of treatments can also be purchased seperately as desired.

* If you are unable to keep your appointment please contact us as soon as possible. Appointments will still be charged for if less than 48 hours notice of cancellation is given.

* Courses booked and paid for in advance are non refundable.

What is Surgical Electrolysis?

Surgical Electrolysis is an Advanced Aesthetic Treatment which treats, reduces and removes unwanted & unsightly vascular & fibrous blemishes from the face & upper body. It treats, reduces & removes
 Skin Tags, Warts, Blood Spots & Visible Facial Capillaries along with a host of other conditions.

Why have I got these blemishes?

Over the years we have dealt with hundreds of clients including ultra-healthy, non-smoking, teetotal with absolutely no health complaints and yet it’s still a very rare person who doesn’t have at least one of these blemishes. What we would say is that we don’t expect you to live in a bubble, but there is a list of reasons that we do know helps them along:
Ageing, Alcohol, Air Conditioning, Allergies, Birth Marks, Central Heating, Childbirth, Circulatory Disorders, Constipation, Diabetes, Diet, Exfoliation, Fragile Skin, Health Problems, Hereditary, Hormones, High/Low Blood Pressure, Medication, No Reason at All, Physical Trauma, Pregnancy, Respiratory Conditions, Rosacea, Scar Tissue, Sensitivity, Spectacle Wearing, Smoking, Sports, Squeezing Skin, Temperature Extremes,UV Light, X Rays.So… absolutely anything in life then!

Does it hurt?

Well, it’s not a pampering facial treatment, but it’s also not the worst thing ever.  Clients tend to describe it as ‘hot pinpricks’  The majority of clients are absolutely fine but for the very nervous, a little drop of numbing cream helps & can be used if appropriate. This will be advised at your consultation session.

How long will the treatment be?

This is very much dependent on the severity of the problem. It is also dependent on the location of the blemish(es) sensitivity & reaction of the skin. We always try to get a happy medium between completing everything in one sitting & never treating to the detriment of the skin. The most commonly asked for appointment is 30 minutes.

Will I need GP Permission?

Sometimes. If you have a particular  fibrous blemish which we are suspicious of then we will recommend you speak to your GP before treatment is started. A letter of approval may be required before commencing treatment. 

If you are on medication then this will be covered when you complete your medical questionnaire on your first appointment. Some medications are ‘contra-indicated’ to this treatment but this is rare.

Insulin dependent diabetic clients will need a letter of approval from either their diabetic nurse or GP before treatment can start.

Pregnancy - We don’t recommend any treatment for the first 3 months of your pregnancy. After that, fibrous blemishes can be removed (neck upwards) but we tend not to treat anything vascular.  As the blood volume within the body increases so much during pregnancy broken capillaries (red/thread veins) are incredibly common. But, these usually subside back to normal shortly after the birth.

Healing & Aftercare

Healing (and to avoid scarring) which for some treatments or individuals can take several weeks we do require you to follow aftercare instructions please from the advise given by your specialist.
Aftercare is a very important part of your treatment and we will alter it to fit your treatment. You may wear make up 24-48 hours afterwards but only a very good quality mineral based to avoid wound contamination-we recommend Jane Iredale.

Who will you treat?

Men, absolutely.  Women, absolutely.  Children – unfortunately we can’t treat anyone under the age of 18.