Semi Permanent Make Up & Microblading

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Permanent MakeUp


Who's it for?

Semi-Permanent Makeup is fairly new to the UK, but has been popular in the US for decades.

The treatments themselves have progressed significantly in recent years, and with the introduction of digital machines and purpose-formulated pigments, we are now able to offer stunning results!

The treatments are relatively pain-free, and recovery time is minimal, with results lasting longer then ever before.

Semi-Permanent Cosmetics are ideal for:

  • People with an actve lifestyle
  • People with allergies to makeup
  • Alopecia sufferers
  • People with thinning brows
  • People with no time to apply or re-apply their makeup
  • People with Heyfever or watery eyes
If you want Makeup Perfection 24 hours a day, then your technician will be able to help you look your absolute best at all times!


Amazing brows that look perfect around the clock. Choose from a range of styles such as Powdered or Hairstroke, designed to compliment your own facial contours.These can be Microbladed , digitally tattooed or both for the ultimate end result. All treatments include a second appointment 4-6 weeks later except the Beauty Spot. (this is per treatment)

Eyebrows: £350

Eye Liner: Top or Bottom £250
                  Top & Bottom £350

Lip Blush:  £350
Lip Liner :  £250

Beauty Spot : £60 per session



Please note: we have a 50p charge for use of debit/credit cards